Election - Oct 19th 2015

This election has been quite on my mind. We have two left wing parties who get 60% of the vote not to mention the votes from others such as Green and Bloc. Who do you vote for? I'm personally socially liberal but economically conservative. However, I think I do represent the majority of the population who just want good fiscal responsbility and social tolerance for all.

Ok, I've had enough hearing Conservative claim Liberals spend too much. I compiled all the debt data / debt-to-gdp ratio since Wilfrid:
Canadian Debt / Debt-to-GDP since 1896


Fill your boots at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/s/stephen_harper.html

Before you go, be fair and google "Horrible things Stephen Harper did". Here's a quick synopsis.. and btw, e-mail me if you want me to add good things that Harper did. I will post it.

"The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.."

C.R. (Buzz) Nixon, former deputy minister of national defence, writes the following piece about his concerns of a continuing Harper government. Click on the link to download: CR-Buzz-Nixon-Conservative-Review-03-19-15.docx

The GoodThe Bad
Great Hair! Federal Conservatives failure to fulfill its commitments under section 52 of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption and the international Financial Action Task Force (FATF) standards, by amending the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act (PCMLTFA) to require Canadian financial institutions to monitor the bank accounts of senior politicians and government officials and their families and associates in all levels of government, thereby adding them to the watch-list of the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC). - Dec 9th, 2011.
-- http://dwatch.ca/camp/RelsDec0911.html

United Nations Article 52 of the Convention Against Corruption and the international Financial Action Task Force states:
"..the identity of beneficial owners of funds deposited into high-value accounts and to conduct enhanced scrutiny of accounts sought or maintained by or on behalf of individuals who are, or have been, entrusted with prominent public functions and their family members and close associates. Such enhanced scrutiny shall be reasonably designed to detect suspicious transactions for the purpose of reporting to competent authorities and should not be so construed as to discourage or prohibit financial institutions from doing business with any legitimate customer..."

Conservatives are skirting international convention with: "5. Article 52: Canada already imposes strict requirements on financial institutions within its jurisdiction to closely scrutinize foreign persons with prominent public functions and theirfamily members and close associates."

-- the issue here is this is only applies to "foreign persons" which is not in the spirit of this United Nations Convention Article 52.

Elimination of per-vote subsidy. What is this? This was the traditional long-standing democratic method that gave all parties a fair chance at campaign financing. When Harper took Majority control in 2011, he scrapped it. The Conservatives have less donors than the other parties but those donors are often wealthier and you often see Conservatives raise more money - again, with less donors. Smells a bit like the U.S. Fortunately, you can only donate $1,500. But it's only a question of time until you can donate a lot more if ultra-wealthy backed non-moderate right-wing candidates get their way. Can you afford $1,500? Most of us not. Well, I can. And I did. I vote against my financial interests. :) -- http://www.globalresearch.ca/who-owns-stephen-harper-money-in-politics-secret-donors-supported-his-rise-to-power/5431051
Syria Refugee scare tactics. The Syrian refugee crisis is a gift to Harper. It is a well-known tool to use fear to diminish a democracy. These Syrian refugees have gone through hell and suffering that none of us will ever know. However, Harper led the population to believe that we have to be careful. There very well could be terrorists among them. Completely ridiculous. True terrorists are well funded, have passports, would not be known and just fly across the border. Canada has known only 1 act of terrorism, a lone wolf who killed one person. Although tragic, perspective is required. More people die everyday of flu, murders, car crashes, health issues, etc. If anything, we should be angry at Harper at using such a crisis such as this one and politicise it. Absolute crass. However, on this, on an opinion note, I also wonder how much of the population agreeing with this has to do with some form of racism and pre-disposed stereotypes.
Bet the Farm on Canada becoming a Petro-State. The issue now is the U.S.A. is producing so much oil that it is now importing only net 5 million of barrels per day compared with 11 million barrels per day several years ago (http://www.eia.gov/tools/faqs/faq.cfm?id=727&t=6). Although this is actually good for the U.S., it is not good for Canada. Even if the price of oil goes up, the U.S.A. will eventually no longer have a need for Canadian oil and may actually start exporting (may alreardy be exporting certain grades of oil / fuel). Stephen Harper wanted to put all our eggs in one basket instead. Fortunately, we are diversified and oil only accounts for 4% of our GDP http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NY.GDP.PETR.RT.ZS
Our electoral process has been overhauled without any mass demonstrations. Moving the election commissioner under the auspices of the public prosecutor was a key measure in a controversial overhaul of election laws pushed through Parliament by the Conservatives last spring despite near-universal condemnation by electoral experts at home and abroad. Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre insisted the move was necessary to ensure the commissioner's independence from the chief electoral officer, whom Conservatives contend is biased against their party. Poilievre was unmoved by electoral experts . including current commissioner Yves Cote and former commissioner William Corbett . who argued the commissioner already had unfettered independence to carry out investigations into suspected electoral wrongdoing as he saw fit. -- http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/10/07/elections-canada-conservatives-pierre-poilievre_n_5943910.html
"Marijuana is infinitely worse than Tobacco - Stephen Harper, Oct 2015". Really.. cigarettes have thousands of artifical chemicals added to them to make them more addictive and potent.
"Libricide" this one did not get enough attention. Harper had the Department of Fisheries and Oceans [DFO] libraries closed by autumn 2013 with only a tiny fraction of the work digitized. Hundreds of years of carefully compiled research into aquatic systems, fish stocks and fisheries from the 1800s and early 1900s went into the bin or up in smoke. Renowned Dalhousie University biologist Jeff Hutchings calls the closures "an assault on civil society." - Huffingtonpost.ca
Mini-Recession. Canada is currently experiencing a mini-recession. Some of us, as myself, thought it had to do with the price of oil. However, to my surprise, oil only accounts for approx 4% of GDP http://data.worldbank.org/indicator/NY.GDP.PETR.RT.ZS - therefore this is an internal Canadian economy issue. Oil prices will have some effect but overall it is not a huge part of the Canadian economy.
TFSA up to $5,000. Excellent as pensions are disappearing in many industries. TFSA up to $10,000. Only more wealthier people can afford this - does not help middle-class.
Banned corporate donations to elections - although I would sure like to get more info on this. Supposedly started by Jean Chretien. Refused to decriminlize small amounts of marijuana although both left and right wing folks support it. Jean Chretien has the bill on the table when Harper took power. He killed it. Why? Most likely to be friendly to the U.S.A. to not cause tightening of the borders. However, the U.S. is now slowly loosening laws and Canadians, as a general rule, are more tolerant and liberal.
He has been vocal about making sure Canada doesn't lose its claim over the Arctic islands. Wanted US-style deregulation of our banks. Fortunately, we saw the damage done in the U.S. before this came on the table. Our regulation is what saved us from the financial crisis.
He has improved relationship with the US, even while Bush was in power, because he understands how important it is to keep good relations with the US. -- Yahoo Answers Agrees with Bush such as Harper's unyielding philo-Semitism and skepticism on climate change. -- policyoptions.irpp.org
Did not cave to Bush's U.S. Ballistic missle program. Refused to join. Conservatives wilfully violated the $18.3 million election spending limit, during the campaign which originally brought them to power in 2006. 4 Conservatives (including 2 Conservative Senators) currently face charges and possible jail time. - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca/#2 -- whynotharper.ca
Tougher on crime policies. Terrific for violent or other horrible crimes. Ridiculous for people who have addiction issues. Giving them criminal records and putting them in jail is not helpful. What is helpful is getting them help and giving them a job.
Hasn't listened to caucus members who want to reopen the debate over abortion and restrict a woman's right to choose. -- Charlie SMith Between 1984 - 1993, the Conservatives chalked up a $289 Billion deficit ($468 billion if adjusted for inflation). By 2006, under non-conservative leadership, this had been turned around into a $16 Billion surplus. Four years later, and Harper's Conservatives have returned Canada to a record $56 Billion deficit. - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca/#3 -- whynotharper.ca
Harper also hasn't invoked the notwithstanding clause in the constitution to override the legal right to same-sex marriage. -- Charlie Smith Opposed Universal Health Care: Harper believes that universal health care should be provincial, and wants to break it up. While heading the National Citizens Coalition, founded to oppose universal health care, he said "the feds" should scrap the Canada Health Act. - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca/#5 -- whynotharper.ca
he hasn't stacked the Supreme Court of Canada with right-wing religious fanatics. -- Charlie Smith Dripping blue ink into a red pot,. is how one Alberta Conservative who has been involved in the appointment process described it. In the public glare of Parliament, the Conservatives have passed dozens of crime laws that reduced judges. power to decide on a sentence. Behind closed doors, the government has engaged in an effort unprecedented since 1982, when the Charter of Rights and Freedoms took effect: to appoint judges most likely to accept that loss of discretion . the little-noticed half of Mr. Harper.s project to toughen Canadian law.
They are stacking the Federal courts with Conservative judges that will, essentially, do their bidding.
>Since coming into power, Harper has cut funding for women's advocacy by 43 per cent, shut down 12 out of 16 Status of Women offices in Canada and eliminated fundi ng of legal voices for women and minority groups, including the National Association of Women and the Law and the Courts Challenges Program. - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca/#8 -- whynotharper.ca Why do I have this in this column? It was brought to my attention that maybe we're spending too much money on all types of groups. But, see, I'm being fair. What are the facts? Should some groups get some support because they have been marginalized? Wish someone would give me more info on this one. Peronally, I think women and minority groups should get help like this. I believe in a a social net and fairness for all. Since coming into power, Harper has cut funding for women's advocacy by 43 per cent, shut down 12 out of 16 Status of Women offices in Canada and eliminated funding of legal voices for women and minority groups, including the National Association of Women and the Law and the Courts Challenges Program. - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca/#8 -- whynotharper.ca
First Nations incarceration rates. First Nations are being treated extremely unfairly. Almost similar to what goes on in some areas of the United States regarding underprivileged black population. Incarceration rates of First Nations are much higher than the rest of the population. However, this is due to lack of opportunity, programs, etc. Any resorting to drinking or drugs creates a cycle that needs to be broken. Incarceration is not the answer. http://www.oci-bec.gc.ca/cnt/rpt/oth-aut/oth-aut20121022info-eng.aspx - on top of this, the Harper government plans to spend another $158 million on prison expansion in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec. Although I believe in tough punishment for serious crimes, we are headed in a direction of incarcerating people for any crime as opposed to helping them. It is not a white / black issue. Giving a drug user a criminial record and jail time does not help them. Giving a drug user resources to get help themselves without a criminal record helps everyone. $158 million on social programs on non serious offences seems like a much better idea. Anyone who has worked in jail can tell you .. it breeds criminality. You learn more in jail about being a criminal. It is not the answer.
Harper's economic 'recovery' favoured the extremely wealthy. Over 321,000 Canadians lost their jobs in 2008 and Canadians' average wages fell. Meanwhile Canada's 100 wealthiest persons became richer, reaching an average net worth of $1.7 billion each, up almost 5 per cent from 2008. - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca/
Fraud. Too many to count and list.. suffice to say so many people in Harper's inner circle have been convicted of fraud.
Loosened regulations to allow more chemical residues on your food - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca
In 2008, Linda Keen, President of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, reported that the aging Chalk River nuclear facility was at a risk 1000 times greater than the international average. Harper quickly fired her. - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca
The long form census is how our government determines the state and needs of the country, and is used extensively in various fields of research. In eliminating the census, many projects would be affected negatively, and it will become much more difficult to understand the needs of the country. - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca
Sabotage efforts to deal with climate change. No surprise there. Many sources..
Has muzzeld government scientists from speaking out on climate change and other issues. Are we in a democracy here? This is ridiculous - does not make me feel like I am living in a free country.
The Kelowna accord was a $5 billion breakthrough agreement to improve the quality of health and education for Canada's First Nation's Peoples. Harper cancelled it in 2006, immediately after taking office. - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca/#20
The Conservatives have vowed to implement unprecedented levels of monitoring on Canadians' internet activities. Harper has tried and failed (4 times) to create a law that would implement mass scale internet surveillance, and that would allow the government access to private information without any warrants, and without any court oversight. - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca/#22
Even though crime rates have been falling for a decade, the Harper administration plans to implement tougher laws, and to incarcerate more Canadians than ever before. Plans are to double annual prison spending by 2015 (an increase of $5 billion annually). - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca/#23 -- this is very much following into the U.S.A footsteps. Next, let's make privatize prisons.
Traditionally, the lobby in parliament has been decorated with photos of former Prime Ministers. Since taking office, Stephen Harper has broken this tradition, decorating the lobby with just photos of himself. - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca/#24 -- I understand this one. I have pictures of just me at my house.
In late 2010, public servants from various departments confirmed that Stephen Harper has indeed renamed 'The Government of Canada' to 'The Harper Government'. - See more at: http://www.whynotharper.ca/#25
"Fair Elections Act" - MANY pieces of ID can be used. You need two. Not so fast. The "Fair Elections Act" which is anything but. I have seen first hand people who, for example, do not drive believe they need a driver's license to vote with the new law. Or, they believe they need two Picture IDs. Usually, these are people that would vote liberal or NDP. It basically creates confusion so they stay home - they figure they are only 1 vote.
Assigned Pierre Poilievre as a Minister. Rumour has it that Poilievre's father was a huge contributor to the HArper campaign (but now I find out he might have been a teacher so I am confused.. there's things that don't add up.. anyhow, I'll provide more info as I find it backed by facts). Poilievre is known as a very nice young man but just a political junkie with no real credentials to be doing what he is doing. He was put in the Riding of Carleton now in Ottawa which is a traditional Conservative riding where he is unlikely to lose. He is also a vocal extreme right-wing individual who has no concept of hardship and social needs.
On that note, Rick Mercer challeged anyone to prove that Poilievre ever held a real job. The reward.. free trip to Toronto or something like that. No one claimed the prize.

It's quite astounding.

In any case, if you are more on the right, please be fair to yourself and to the rest of your fellow Canadians. Google the bad thingst that Stephen Harper did. Websites such as www.whynotharper.ca and others provide a lot of info.
If you want me to add anything, email me at martin5519@hotmail.com -

Oct. 14th, 2013:

For anyone who has time to dig, go back to 1998 - 2003 where Stephen Harper showed his stance on various social issues.

June 5th, 2011